Monday, October 20, 2008

You need to call a designer!!

Ten Reasons to Work with an Interior Designer:By Jill Kirchner, American Homestyle & Gardening
1. The ability to solve problemsWhether you’re plagued by a featureless room or poor traffic flow, a designer is an expert in understanding color, scale, light and space.

2. Access to a much wider range of resources for ALL budgetsThe world of interior design is limitless; “Trade only” is no longer a closed door.

3. The expertise to prevent costly mistakesAn experienced designer will ensure you journey down a smooth and well traveled path.

4. ContactsDesigners know & work with the best workrooms and trades- people.

5. Guidance Perhaps the most difficult aspect of design is selecting from the choices available. A designer can review the options & offer advice through the process.

6. Better quality & longer-lasting styleTimeless designs & well manufactured furnishings coupled with keen insight = longevity an interior designer can help achieve.

7. Help set prioritiesA designer will give you advice on how best to spend your money now-and plan for future phases of the design process.

8. Arbitration with your significant otherA designer can be the third party with out vested interest and help ease through disagreements.

9. An advocateDesigners work with trades-people, showrooms and manufacturers on a regular basis and have more leverage to get things repaired or replaced when needed.

10. Ability to get the job doneIt is the designer’s job to follow through with every aspect of the process and ensure each detail and element makes you satisfied.

Design in a Box

Now offering "Design in a Box"!!

We are really excited to offer Design in a Box! Not only is it fast, easy and affordable, but it available nationwide! Anyone, anywhere, can have design in a box shipped right to their door. No shopping, no waiting in lines, no interior designers tip toeing through the house! It makes interior design that much easier!

People often have the misconception that interior designers are too expensive and the products that they sell to clients are way over priced. This is simply not true. For starters, with Design in a Box, you pay one lump fee. There are no surprises, no extra costs after wards, no additional hourly rates. Just one fee you pay at the start of the project. That’s all! At Spire Design Group we provide our clients with products that fit into their budgets. We will never specify furniture or accessories that are out of the amount we discuss up front. As interior designers, we receive great design trade discounts that we are happy to pass along to clients, almost always well below the retail price you would pay in a store.

Spire Design Group will always work with you to bring your design vision to life. We never impose a style on you that is not a true reflection of you and the space you live in. Everyone deserves to have a well designed home and with Spire Design Group and Design in a Box, it couldn’t be any easier! Take a look at our website for more details

Tuesday, October 14, 2008