Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Break Ramble

I wish I had something really fabulous to say here...Unfortunately, I do not! I am still enjoying my Christmas break. (I have decided that we should ALWAYS have Christmas break even if we aren't in school!!) Anyway, as I was saying, I am still enjoying my break. My husband is off from work all this week and hopefully we will find some fun things to do. Too bad we both have not been feeling so great! But, today we both started to feel somewhat normal again, so I think there is hope for the end of the week!!!

We celebrated Christmas last week with my parents and it was wonderful!!! Spending all of Christmas day in my jammies watching movies with the ones I love!!! Can it get any better that that??? (It can, I got some really beautiful bedding from my parents!! Thanks mom and dad!!) To make the holidays even better, we had the most beautiful snow on Sunday and actually got semi-snowed in Sunday evening. We celebrated the snow with "Ultimate" grilled cheese sandwiches, the perfect cold weather meal. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and this year was perfection!!

On a sad note, I took my decorations down today. I usually wait until January 1, but I started to take a few things down and just didn't want to stop. So, my house is extremely sad and I am sad as well. I love the lights and the reds and the greens. I love all the decorations I have collected over the years. At least it is less than a year before I can take them out again!!! WOOHOO!!

I am really looking forward to the New Year. Not that 2009 was a great a year, but I have a feeling that 2010 will be even better!!! I have so many things to accomplish this year, I can hardly stand it!!! I guess I need to get started on my list of resolutions and my goals for the year. Do any of you do that??

Well dear blogger friends, I hope you are enjoying your "Christmas break" as much as I am. What do you like to do on break??? Sit in your jammies until noon (or dinner, whatever I won't judge) watch movies, drink hot chocolate and read a book???

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I will be taking a brief holiday from blogging for the next few days while I celebrate Christmas with my family. I wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!!

Martha, You've Done it Again!!

Count on Martha Stewart to just go over the top for a cup of hot chocolate! I simply love these little gingerbread houses!! How creative and fun!! Thanks Martha for a great idea (and for making us all feel like losers) this Christmas!!! (Who has time to make all these little houses anyway???) I love this highly impractical yet very clever idea! Merry Christmas Martha, you crazy gal you!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I love holiday parties! Always a fun time to get together with friends and family and catch up on the past year and celebrate!. As much as I love hosting a party, I especially love to be a guest! It is so much fun seeing how people decorate for Christmas. I love getting a glimpse at their traditions and how they make their homes festive for the holidays. Honestly, I gotta say my absolute favorite part of a party is the food!!! HEHE!!! I recently came across this blog and think it is totally amazing!! Paige Appel is an event designer in Los Angeles and her work is pretty incredible! I would love to be a guest at any party she is setting up!!! Enjoy these pretty pictures and try not to drool all over the keyboard...the sweets look mighty tasty!!!!

What was the best party you ever attended and why????

More Christmas Inspiration Pics

I have found an over abundance of Christmas inspiration this season!! I am on overload! I don't really have too much to say about these pictures (I know, you are surprised). I just really enjoy looking at them. I am slowly building a file for next year of ideas for my own home!! I hope that you have found my posts to be inspiring for you this holiday season!!! ENJOY!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Take on Christmas Decor

As I have said before, I am pretty traditional with my Christmas decorating. I love red, green and gold. I guess I have never relay thought about doing anything else, it is what I grew up with and what I have always done. However, I am thinking these rooms scenes look pretty darn sweet!!! Mixing in pink, a bright green, blues and silvers. These rooms still look warm and inviting as well as very festive!!! I have been inspired so much this holiday season that I might have to try some of the "new" colors out next Christmas!!!

What colors do you typically decorate with for Christmas??

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New (old) Hobby

Recently, I started sewing. Now, I have sewn before, just not like this. I find myself making something new every day and really looking forward to sewing. I feel with each day, I get a little bit more confident in my attempts and I am slowly getting better at my technique. The last time I sewed was about 3 years ago when I made curtains for out home in Minnesota!! So, I decided to dust off my machine and give it a whirl again. I am about 2 weeks into it and this is usually when I get frustrated and either quit or just start hot gluing my projects instead of sewing!! I can still remember sewing as a child. I was in 4-H and one of my best friends had a mom who could sew like nobodies business!! She helped me make a skirt that year which I still have! After that, I tried to make doll clothes and found it to be a bit more challenging. So, I found the hot glue gun, and glued a rather cute little skirt with suspenders for my doll. It was really special!!! Any who, I am bound and determined to stick with it this time!! I am currently setting up shop in our guest bedroom, but I would love a space like the one below!! Doesn't it just scream BE CREATIVE!!!!!! Someday!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today is my sweet hubby's birthday!!!! I always feel so bad for him that he has to celebrate a birthday so close to Christmas! It never quite gets the attention it deserves!!! I hope that this year we can celebrate it right and live it up!!! HEHE!!!

My husband is pretty incredible! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. He just means the world to me!!! He has the best heart of anyone I know and just cares so much about everyone, always putting others first. He is smart and funny always making me laugh! And it doesn't hurt that he is pretty easy on the eyes!!!

We met almost 9 years ago on New Years eve. I simply can't remember what life was like before that! He is the best!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT!!! I hope you have the best day and the best year ever!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick and Sparkly Decor

I am in love with this arrangement!!! So shimmery and elegant, yet insanely simple!!! I love it!! If you are looking for last minute decorations for Christmas (and I mean LAST MINUTE, Christmas is a week away people!!!) this is quick and easy!! Add some sparkle this Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spire Design Group Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts!!

Are you still shopping for Christmas??? Are you stuck on that family member or friend who has everything and you have no idea what to get them???? LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! Spire Design Group offers gift certificates!!! WOOHOO!!!!! We have so many new services being offered in addition to our other design services, you will have no problem giving a gift certificate!!! There is something for everyone!!!!

"Design in a Box" is a great way to get some design assistance without having anyone even come to your house!! It is great for DIYer's and people who just need a little extra nudge to get the project started! Please visit http://www.spiredesigngroup.com/designbox.html for more details on prices and packages!!!

Local Design Services: As always, I offer interior design services to anyone in the area and within an hour or so drive. Please contact me for more information on pricing and availability!

Phone Consult: $30 an hour

Have a question about your space or just need to get a professional opinion before you make a design decision?? Spire Design Group will schedule an appointment via e-mail and answer any design question you have. You can e-mail pictures to us ahead of time to ensure we understand the question and are equipped to give you the best possible advice!

E-mail Question: $15 each

Need advice on a design dilemma? No problem. E-mail your question and/or pictures to us and we will be happy to help you figure out the best solution or guide you to the perfect choice for your home!

Design Board: $150 each room

We will e-mail you a questionnaire to help us better understand your need and wants. We ask that in addition to sending back the completed questionnaire, you also send pictures of the room as it currently is, as well as measurements of the space. In return, you will receive a customized mood board with color scheme solutions, affordable furniture and accessory suggestions, layout ideas and more to transform your space. You can follow the plan to completely change the look of your entire space. You will receive the source and price of all items we suggest you purchase for your room design as well as suggestions on where to place things. It will make designing so much easier!!

If you can't find anything here that looks like the perfect gift, then shoot me an e-mail and we can create a custom package for you. Pretty easy!!! Gift giving should always be this easy!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gilly Christmas Special!!

For those of you who know me, you know I am a bit of a ham. I enjoy the occasional prank or impersonation. Being an actress on Saturday Night Live ranks pretty high on my list of dream jobs! Just ask my husband, I am forever imitating someone!!
One of my absolute favorites on the show is Kristin Wigg. She does some of the BEST most hysterical characters!!! I am usually in tears laughing so hard when she is on! I am BEYOND excited about the upcoming SNL Christmas special hosted by GILLY!!!! Oh yeah!!! Tune into NBC Thursday December 17 from 8-10. I can't wait!!!

"Untraditional" Holiday Decor

I must admit, I am a bit traditional in the way I decorate for Christmas. Nothing makes me happier than red, green and gold! I love the "traditional" ornaments and decorations, nothing too flashy or out there really. But when I came across these pictures, I decided that maybe it is time for me to think about doing something different next year!! Here are a few ideas you might want to steal for yourself!!

This is actually my favorite. I love the limb hanging over the table with Christmas ball ornaments attached. It has a little bit of a traditional element with the ornaments, but the twig is so fresh and organic. (Plus I am digging the color of the chairs around the table!!!)

I am a big Christmas ball ornament fan!! What a great easy way to decorate a staircase with ribbon and ornaments!! Pretty easy!! The clear ornaments hung over the table add a nice contemporary feel to the space. Looks very clean and sleek.

This is a little out there for me! A tree on a mirror made with Post Its!! Pretty crazy, but simple and cute as well!! Great for someone who has limited space!

Pink tree...enough said!!

Again, another organic element that is super easy to do. The pitcher that the twigs are in has an interesting pattern on it, kind of contemporary.
How do you like to decorate for Christmas?? Are you very traditional or do you like to spice it up a bit!!! I'd love to know!!! Post a comment and e-mail pictures if you have them!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks Kristin!!!

Thanks to my sweet friend Kristin for the blog "shout out" yesterday!!! Kristin is an amazing writer, artist and friend. She is about a week away from giving birth to her second child and she is knitting a sweater and trying to finish up Christmas cards!!! Oh that girl!!!! And on top of all of it, she is still blogging!!! Please visit her blog and be prepared to be amazed and jealous!!! The girl is talented!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coastal Christmas

I lived on the white sandy beached of Destin Florida for about 3 years. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing beaches you will ever visit. My husband and I got engaged on one of those beaches in fact. Destin will always have a special place in my heart.

While in Destin, I had my first job as an interior designer. Working in that environment had a huge impact on my style and inspired me so much in my design career. Even when we lived in Minnesota, I tried to inject a little bit of Destin into my designs. Whether it was a paint color that looked like the ocean, or a fabric that had a texture that reminded me of sand, I tried to incorporate some element of the beach into the rooms I designed.

I remember when I first started to learn about coastal design and how shocked I was. It wasn't about fake shells and bright crazy printed fabric. It wasn't about dolphin paintings and beach chairs in the living room. Coastal design is about casual living, relaxed textures, soothing colors, shell accents and bringing the outdoors in. The coastal lifestyle is so laid back and relaxed and I believe that is what coastal design is intended to be as well. Soft greens and blues and browns, comfy furniture, laid back living.

You can imagine my delight when I came across these pictures from Coastal Living magazine. It shows how coastal design can be incorporated into your holiday decor!! And you don't have to live at the beach to make this work!! Why can't we feel like we are on the beach ALL the time??!! Sounds perfect to me!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Give Away Winners!!!

What an exciting week here on the old blog!!! So many great give aways!! Thanks to Gussy someone is going to get a $30 credit for her etsy shop. And the winner is...(insert drum roll please)

Woohoo!!! Kristin writes an amazing blog about her life, her little girl, her husband and all the adventures they go on. Kristin also writes about the projects so has and the incredible meals she makes. It will pretty much make you feel awful about yourself!! (Just kidding!!) She is insanely talented and a great great person!!!!
The winner of my give away (hour of design service) over on Gussy's blog has been announced. So be sure to stop over there to see if you won!!!
I really enjoyed giving away something!!! So, please keep checking back with me because I think I just may need to do that again!!!
Well blog friends, have a super duper Saturday!!! I am off to do today's p90x workout (yuck) and then off to a birthday party (yeah!). Speaking of which, next weekend is the hubby's birthday!!! I better get busy on his gifts huh???!!!! YIKES!! Oh dear, too much coffee, now I am rambling!!!! Have a good one!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Give Aways and New Services!!! WHOA!!!!

Oh....the weather outside is very frightful today!! It is down right cold out there!!!

I hope you all stay warm and toasty today!

Doesn't this look delish??!! I would love to have a hot chocolate about now. (Note to self: put hot chocolate on grocery list for this week!!)
Any who, as I sit here drooling over this cup of hot chocolate (stay focused) I wanted to remind all you loyal readers about the TWO awesome give aways going on right now!!!!
First, Gussy is giving away 1 hour of design service from yours truly!! That's right people, a whole of hour of chatting or e-mailing with me!! Can you believe that??? You can go here to register! Its that easy, but hurry, you only have until Friday December 11 at noon to enter!!
Also, Gussy is being extremely generous this holiday season and she is giving away a $30 credit to use in her shop! WHAT??? That's insane!!! You can go here to enter that give away!!!
WHOA! That is a lot of great stuff!!!
And ONE more reminder...Spire Design Group has added a few new services to the mix this month. Go HERE to check those out. If you have any questions about the new services just shoot me an e-mail!!
And, just one more thing...I am now advertising on http://ohbrooke.com/. Hope you will take a look. Really cute blog!
Wow, this is so much information for an early morning!!! I know you guys can handle it!!! Don't forget to register for the give aways. And keep telling your friends to follow my blog!!! I am so excited to have 26 followers right now!! But 100 would be an awesome Christmas gift!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Gussy Give-Away!!!

As I posted earlier today, I am a featured sponsor on Gussy's Blog. Its a great honor as she is an amazing artist! She taught herself to sew last year when she borrowed her parents sewing machine!! That completely blows my mind! Pure talent! She also moved to my old stomping grounds in Minnesota this year. (Poor thing, she won't know what hit her when that wind kicks in!!) Gussy is a lover of handbags, wallets, clutches and zipped pouches and she makes these cute pouches and bags:

Gussy is feeling incredibly generous this holiday season and is doing an awesome give away that you can enter to win!!! She is offering a $30 credit towards any Gussy item in her etsy shop. All you have to do to enter the give away is post a comment on my site telling me which Gussy you would love to own and why. Its so easy!! Be sure to include your e-mail address so you can be contacted if you win. Please enter by Friday at noon and a winner will be picked at random and announced on Saturday.
I wish I could enter!! I would love the Gus for Work, and the Ruffle Gus in hounds tooth with pink, but that's just me!!! Hurry and enter!!!