Friday, January 30, 2009


First off, I must apologize for my absence over the past 3 months! Wow, that is a long time! I have been busy and working. I know...there is no excuse for me to keep my vast design knowledge from my loyal readers!! HAHA!! I will try to do is one of my New Years Resolutions!
Soon I will have updates on all the fabulous projects I have been working on. My dining room is finally finished, furniture and all. I will update with pictures so you can see the progress. It really is amazing to have a room full of new furniture. For weeks, I just stared in the room, never going in, just staring! I was in shock to have dining room furniture! I felt so grown up. We ate a few meals in the room, and are hosting our first dining party in the dining room this weekend. I guess it's time to remove the plastic from the seats!
Well dear blog followers. I promise to be better with my posting from now on. I have had my time away and I have missed it. Just hope it was worth the wait!!

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