Monday, November 17, 2008

Dining room paint

Last week I decided it was time to paint our dining room. After 3 months of gold mustard yellow, I decided it was time to cover up the mistake the previous owner left us to correct. (Forgive me if you love mustard yellow, but as a design professional, I feel it is my duty to help correct the design mistakes of the world.)

Anyway, it took me about 2 weeks to pick the right color. Back and forth between a greenish blue gray color and a soft brown shade. Many days I spent lying on the dining room floor with all my paint chips, trying to find the PERFECT color for my new dining room. I was ready to call a designer myself!

Once I selected the color I thought I wanted to use, I bought 2 quarts of paint to do sample patches on my walls. The original shade as well as a lighter version. I painted patches of color on every wall so I could see what the paint will look like on each wall in every kind of light.

I finished painting over the weekend and now I am waiting on my new furniture to arrive. I am waiting to post pictures until I have the room complete. So…you will just have to visit again to see what color I chose!!

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