Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nate, I have a little design crush on you!!

Can you blame me?? Look at those eyes and that wavy hair! More importantly, look at his design!!! I love Nate Berkus. He is one of my favorite designers and someone that I really admire a great deal. Nate uses a lot of natural elements in his design creating warmth and texture. Nate once said on Oprah that he thought it important to use an element of the sea in each room. It could be a shell or a piece of coral, just something that you would find at the beach. I love this concept and actually try to do this in my own home. Nate is great about using items that are personal to the client and showcases them in a unique way, whether it be a collection or family pictures. Again, another design strategy that I like to incorporate into my designs. I could honestly study his website all day to get ideas. Nate is so clever and yet so simplistic in his style. It is elegant and still functional. Nate, I love you and your style!! (And your eyes and wavy hair, lets just get it all out here!!!) Take a look at


Jennifer said...

LOVE it Mere! I have had a design crush on Nate for so long! I too use his idea of having a piece of the sea in each room. It keeps me at peace through the long winters just to see a shell! Great post :)

Shannon said...

I love his design too! It is modern but traditional enough for me.