Friday, May 7, 2010

New Projects a Show and a Store

I am gearing up for another craft show tomorrow! I have added a few new items and am hopeful they will be well recieved! This is a new show for SDG, I am excited to see how it goes!!

I am also super excited to announce that SDG products are going to be sold in a local shop!!! I am thrilled and flattered that the store owned took such a liking to my products! They should be in her store in the next few weeks or so!! YEAH!! Selling them in boutiques was kind of my long term goal! I am super excited to see that happening so soon!

The store owner also approached me with a special project, making large tote bags. YEESH!!! I have never made a tote bag to be honest. Sure, I can sew, but these are large and she needs 30!! But what an amazing challenge and a great project for me!! So, I am considering it. Searching for patterns and ideas to create these masterpieces!! Making 30 bags should keep me busy for a few days...or the entire summer!!! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the progress! Should be interesting!!

And I can't blog without wishing all of you moms and soon to be moms a VERY Happy Mothers Day!!!! I know I owe SOOO much to my mom! She is amazing, smart, funny and beautiful!! Thank you mom for being so great!! I love you!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Gena said...

Congratulations on the boutique project! I think if you can make those cute little bags, you can make a tote bag. But what do I know? Looking forward to seeing the bags...any chance some of them show up for sale on the website? :) No pressure...

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