Thursday, March 5, 2009

Azure-The New Color for Spring

I get asked on a daily basis "What are the "in" colors right now?" I usually don't have a good answer. I think color trends are just that, trends. They might be in style, but can you really live with a room that is hot pink, or purple? Maybe. However, I like to help clients pick paint colors based on their own personal preferences, what furniture they currently have or are getting ready to purchase and what the house dictates for color choices. I think it is more important to ask yourself how a color really makes you feel instead of whether or not it is "in" right now.

But...I know you are ALL dying to know what the "in" color for spring is!! Azure is very hot right now. I think it is a really interesting shade that adds a lot of drama to a room. It actually works well with a lot of different styles and colors, its a nice backdrop for a room. I actually really like this color and could see using it sometime.

Let me know what you think about Azure. Where would you use this color and what colors would you put with it??


Stephanie Herington said...

ahh azure. Can you say virgin islands? This is such a nice color that I would love to have a white sunny room dotted with azure accents all over. Maybe a bit of coral mixed in.

Anonymous said...

Southern Accents magazine certainly thinks so!

Jen said...

I have a friend named Azure - does that count? ;)