Monday, March 23, 2009

My Ramble on Chicago and Inspiration

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Chicago to visit friends for a few days. I love Chicago. I love the feel of being in the city. Its fast paced and exciting. I love watching people, seeing how they dress, how they act, where they go. I also love visiting new restaurants, shops, buildings and homes. I love seeing the colors, textures and styles that have been used to design the space. Chicago is a great place to be exposed to lots of different styles, textures and colors. I came home feeling very inspired and full of some great ideas!
Everywhere I go, I try to find inspiration for my clients or myself. Inspiration is everywhere if you just open your eyes to look. Even at the grocery store, there is inspiration. The color of a pieceof fruit might be the next paint color you choose for your wall. If you keep your eyes and mind open, you will start to see it to. Yes, even at the grocery store!
While we were in Chicago, we visited a few little shops that had furniture and antiques. I was in heaven! My favorite shop was packed full of unusual and old furniture and accessories. They were distressed and worn and fabulous! Each piece had a story and each piece provided me with some sort of inspiration. I left feeling excited and energized (and carrying a new table). My head was spinning about all the things I saw and what I could have done with them. I found so much inspiration I wanted to sketch and write for hours about what I saw so I wouldn't forget a single thing. I was like this the entire weekend, thinking non-stop about all the interesting things I was seeing. Too bad I forgot my camera!
Inspiration, I love it! I thrive on it. I came home last night ready to re-decorate my whole house based on things I had seen over the weekend! At least I have my new table to work with! That should keep me satisfied for about a day or two!

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