Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ahhhh.....Spring!!! It is so nice to have warmer weather and to actually feel like stepping outside of your house to go somewhere!! It feels good to have my newly polished toenails exposed in my flip flops, and to not have a huge coat on while driving. It is nice to sit out on the porch at night and not need a jacket, and to have sunlight until at least 8:30 pm! How amazing to see the bulb I planted in the fall finally bloom into a daffodil and the tree in front of our house bloom a beautiful soft pink flower. How funny it is to watch my husband OBSESS about our yard and picking weeds and fertilizing! And how sweet to have amazing family and friends to spend time with on these beautiful days!!

I have been taking some time off the past week. Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have just been a little pre-occupied!!!

At Final Four practice with Mr. Peanut!! The only celebrity I saw that day!!!

This guy is pretty amazing and sweet. I have been trying to spend a lot of time with him lately, when he is not out in the yard!!!

This happened pretty much overnight! So beautiful!

This little man is the best company!!! Even when he sticks his tongue out at me!

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Jen Heindl said...

The giant peanut and the Peanut Mobile were at our Kroger a few weeks ago. I didn't have the kids with me so I didn't go for the photo op. I am not at all surprised that you got a photo with him, though! I love you!