Friday, May 8, 2009

I Want a New Bathroom To!!!

For the past few weeks, I have been helping clients create dream bathrooms. Kind of makes me jealous and sad!! I deserve a new bathroom to!! Although, I do get great joy when my clients see their finished project for the first time! My master bathroom is perfectly fine for now, with newly updated faucets and a light fixture. (Thanks Grant!) But I still can't help but dream of the day I can curl up in a beautiful new tub and relax. Here are some bathrooms that are inspiring me today. Are any of you longing to create a new bath retreat? Let me know what your inspiration is!


Joseph said...

My sentiments exactly! I'm always looking at what's out there in design and making suggestions for other bathrooms. But my own… ah, that's another story! I have written a ton of blogs on bathroom designs, both large and small, but one of the things I am particularly looking for is small bathroom designs. Along with being a blogger, I am a cabinetmaker, and I am looking for designs I can use in our home for two small bathrooms that are destined to remain so. A small bathroom is a small bathroom, and unless you remodel your home so you can add to the bathroom's space, that's going to be the news. But from that, it does not follow that you're simply stuck with an inadequate bathroom. Replacing worn-out sinks and vanities will surely help, but if all you're doing is more of the same, that's what you'll be left with--more of the same. I would very much recommend buying the very best your budget will allow and searching the Internet for innovative ideas. You will be in the bathroom every day of your life. Why not make that place a true retreat?

Sus said...

just sourced cararra marble for a vanity top for a client. sigh. that would be nice. although i think since all i have for my whole family is one full bath that's a galley, i'd build a master first and be content no matter what counters it had. :)