Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty in Pink

When I was about 5, my parents decided to move into a different house. The requirements were simple; bigger, better. I on the other hand, being the juinior designer that I was, had a much more demanding request. I had to have a pink room. Not just any pink, the color of bubble gum was my preferred choice. I don't remember any homes we looked at that day except for the one my parents ended up buying. You better believe that house had a pink room! Pink carpet, pink floral wallpaper, pink blinds. It was a junior designers dream come true! I can still remember the way my furniture looked in that room. I remember my dad tearing down the wallpaper to put up a new more subtle pink floral wallpaper that I had helped my mom pick out. I remember the bedspread I selected and the artwork on my walls. Especially the hand painted ice cream cone that said "Meredith" in pink letters of course. I loved that room and still to this day it makes me smile to think about it. If I had my way, I would still have a pink room in my home. Pink is one of those colors that just makes you feel good. Pink is a color that brings back so many wonderful memories for me. What colors bring back good memories for you?

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Bridget Lukich said...

Meee too! I love pink! So happy I have a daughter who loves pink...her room has pink walls and white wicker furniture...I've been searching for more white wicker pieces now that she has a bigger room.