Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Shelving and Display in Kitchens

I try pretty hard to keep my kitchen and my cabinets clean and tidy. I TRY! I could not imagine having my dishes and all my cooking utensils on display all the time. However, I do really like the way it looks! Maybe it would give me more incentive to keep things orderly!

I love the thought of using brightly colored plates and bowls to add color and interest to a kitchen. Plus, if you have a unique collection of plates or mugs, etc. it would be such an easy way to display it for all to see!

I think for now, I will keep my white dishes tucked away in a cabinet! I don't think I am ready to commit to keeping things THAT organized!!!

1 comment:

crush. blog said...

my cabinets are neat enough that i could pull it off - just concerned about the DUST factor.