Monday, December 7, 2009

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things...Around my House

So, a few of you have asked to see what my home looks like for Christmas this year. I have to say, I didn't go all out as I had planned, but I think I managed to go a little bit crazy at least!! I thought I would show you the "highlights" around my house and my favorite things that I love to see each year at Christmas!!

Last year I made this Advent calendar. It was part of a class that I took at my favorite local shop Lola Rue. Each of the numbers are made with unusual items. Everything from buttons to dice to miniature ornaments. It is a cookie sheet turned over and the numbers are on magnets and stuck to the back until ready to use. I am on day 7 today (of course) but when it is all completed, it is super cute! If I do say so myself!! This has become one of my favorite things and I hope will be a great tradition for when we have kids! I love how vintage it looks!

This is my dining room. Nothing too fancy this year. I chose to use what I already had around the house rather than buying or making anything. I used simple metallic red candles and brought out just about every crystal candlestick we own. I had a TON of Christmas ornaments that I didn't use, so I scattered them on the table. The runner was a gift a few years ago and we never had a dining table to use it on until now! So I was excited to get to use it this year!!

This little guy is Randy Reindeer. Randy has been with me every Christmas since I was probably 6 or 7. I believe he was a collectible at Burger King one year?? (Remember when you could buy something at a fast food place and get a different stuffed animal each week?? I think that is where Randy came from!) Any who, when I moved out on my own, my mom gave me quite a few of my ornaments and decorations and Randy was one of them. Something about that cute!!!

The boot tree!!!! I love this! We spent Thanksgiving in Arizona a few years ago with my husbands side of the family. My mother in law bought my sister in law and I these trees to remember our trip. It has become one of my most favorite Christmas decorations!!! I am not what you would call "country" but this tree is so me!!!

"Santa with a boat", is how my husband and I affectionately refer to this little wooden jem. He was a wedding gift from my high school cheer leading coach Stacy. I remember opening the gift and thinking it was a little crazy. Where would we put "Santa with a boat"?? The first Christmas that my husband and I were married, we had just moved to Los Angeles. My husband was still in the Air Force and we were living on base in the hotel until our apartment was ready to move into. All of our Christmas decorations were in storage and we didn't buy a tree as we had no room and we were going back home to Indiana for the holidays. All of our "stuff" had been shipped to California before our wedding except for our wedding gifts. The gifts made the trip to California with us in our cars...including Santa. Santa was the ONLY Christmas decoration we had to put out that year. Now, he is one of my favorite Christmas memories!!

This is the stairway. Growing up, I never lived in a house with 2 stories, and I always wanted to. Primarily for this reason! I wanted to have a banister to decorate for Christmas!!! Its the simple things in life!!!

My little tree in the entryway was a hand me down from my mom, ornaments and all. She wanted to get rid of it last year and I was happy to take it. It has a more rustic look to it. Its the perfect size for an entryway. I set it up higher on an old milk crate and it really looks perfect!

This is the powder bath. (No, it is not orange. For some reason it photographs a little strangely!) Any who, I really like the way the decorations turned out. I used a small collection of snowmen, Santa's and greenery to make this feel all festive!! The basket on the toilet also has one of my very favorite items for Christmas...cinnamon scented pine cones!!! I LOVE that smell and my entire first level smells like it all season long!

My aunt Chickie gave me these stacking Santa's when I was about 8 I think. These truly have gone everywhere with me! College, first apartment, first home and now this house. I look forward to my stacking Santa's every year.

I bought this Merry Christmas sign last year at Lola Rue (my fav local home good store). I try to buy one really unique Christmas item each year and last year this was my item. I think it looks great on the mantle.

And this is my mantle! Pretty simple, I like to use green garland and sheer glitter ribbon. When the white lights shine through the ribbon it looks so special and pretty. I bought our stockings a few years ago at Pottery Barn. I still need to have our names put on them! Little Oliver has his own stocking as well. The sleigh is a another hand me down from mom and of course, you remember "Santa with the boat"!

And...this is my tree. I love our tree. We bought it the second Christmas we were married. We can't have a real tree because my husband "claims" he is allergic! Right....!!! This tree is a bit too small for the house we are in now, but it was the perfect apartment tree. Maybe next year we will upgrade?? The tree is again wrapped in sheer glitter ribbon and has billions of white lights. I love getting the ornaments out each year because most of our ornaments have a story or some meaning behind them.
I try to buy an ornament every time we take a trip. So we have things from Maui, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Disneyland, Phoenix and a few other places I am forgetting at the moment. I also have many ornaments that have been gifts over the years. I even have one from a friend that she made for me in high school!! (Thanks Kristin!)
Growing up, my aunt Chickie gave me an angel ornament every year starting from my first Christmas until I was in high school. My mom let me take all my angels with me when I moved out. These are extremely special to me and one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. I have started this tradition with my own niece and give her an angel each year. Hopefully one day when she is grown, she can put them on her own tree to share with her family.
Christmas is such a special magical time. I love the traditions and memories of the holiday season!! I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my home and learning more about my favorite Christmas decorations.
What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations???


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! Randy the Reindeer! I have all of them! So cool to see someone else with them, too.

poki_real said...

What is that above your mantle? 3 old wooden window frames? I love that? So unique.

Molly said...

I am now officially inspired to get my decorating completed!!! Love everything you have done! Miss you!! XOXOXO

Meredith said...

Thanks!!! Poki: they are old windows. I love them!! Bought them a few years ago in Minnesota. Molly-Miss you to!! We need to get together sometime!!!

kristin said...

Can't believe you still have that ornament! Your place looks perfect for the holidays. Hope you enjoy them.

Shannon said...

Your house looks so good! So cozy and festive. Loved "Santa with a boat". :) Love those windows on your mantle too!

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

I love your mantle and the empty colored frames :)