Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Break Ramble

I wish I had something really fabulous to say here...Unfortunately, I do not! I am still enjoying my Christmas break. (I have decided that we should ALWAYS have Christmas break even if we aren't in school!!) Anyway, as I was saying, I am still enjoying my break. My husband is off from work all this week and hopefully we will find some fun things to do. Too bad we both have not been feeling so great! But, today we both started to feel somewhat normal again, so I think there is hope for the end of the week!!!

We celebrated Christmas last week with my parents and it was wonderful!!! Spending all of Christmas day in my jammies watching movies with the ones I love!!! Can it get any better that that??? (It can, I got some really beautiful bedding from my parents!! Thanks mom and dad!!) To make the holidays even better, we had the most beautiful snow on Sunday and actually got semi-snowed in Sunday evening. We celebrated the snow with "Ultimate" grilled cheese sandwiches, the perfect cold weather meal. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and this year was perfection!!

On a sad note, I took my decorations down today. I usually wait until January 1, but I started to take a few things down and just didn't want to stop. So, my house is extremely sad and I am sad as well. I love the lights and the reds and the greens. I love all the decorations I have collected over the years. At least it is less than a year before I can take them out again!!! WOOHOO!!

I am really looking forward to the New Year. Not that 2009 was a great a year, but I have a feeling that 2010 will be even better!!! I have so many things to accomplish this year, I can hardly stand it!!! I guess I need to get started on my list of resolutions and my goals for the year. Do any of you do that??

Well dear blogger friends, I hope you are enjoying your "Christmas break" as much as I am. What do you like to do on break??? Sit in your jammies until noon (or dinner, whatever I won't judge) watch movies, drink hot chocolate and read a book???

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