Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Goals and Reflections

I think I am one of those people who makes resolutions every year on January 1st. I have the best intentions to keep them, I think about them for at least a good day or two and then I suddenly forget that I made them and then it is a year later and I am making resolutions again!! (Maybe that should be my resolution this year, to keep my resolutions from previous years!) Anyway, I decided that maybe this year it was better for me just to make goals for myself and try to accomplish them instead of resolving to do them. Accomplishing something sounds much better and more attainable anyway. I am not going to share ALL of my goals with you, (I have to maintain some of my privacy here!) but I will share a few of the BIG personal goals as well as design/business goals I have for 2010.
Personal Goals:
  • To not let my fear get in the way of trying new things. (Hence the picture up above!)
  • To live in the present moment instead of worrying about the future and/or the past.
  • RELAX and not try to control EVERYTHING in my life. If this past year has taught me anything, it is that I really have NO control over some of the things in my life.
  • Find hobbies and things to get involved in that I am passionate about and enjoy. (I do have a new hobby,sewing! I love it!!)
  • Get creative with cooking. (Sorry for the blah meals lately Grant!!)
  • Appreciate what I have rather than feeling bad about what I don't have. I have it pretty good right now!!!
  • Be a better wife and friend!! I love my husband more than words, I think he knows it!! I hope!!)
  • To be nicer to myself. I am extremely hard on myself and it is time that I love myself to!!!
  • Become a mom!


  • GET MORE CLIENTS!!! I know you are out there!!!!
  • Grow my blog. Finally get 100 followers and make it something people really look forward to reading each day.
  • Blog every day (well, 5 days a week for sure!). And blog about topics that my readers really want to read about.
  • Get more creative with my own home and the way I decorate it.
  • Beef up my marketing and get more serious about it.
  • Get more organized in my office!! (It's in a sad state right at the moment.)
  • Offer new and exciting services to my clients.

Of course, I could go on for days about the goals I would like to accomplish, however, I will spare you and keep the rest for myself. I have a pretty busy year ahead of me!!

Over the past 10 years so much in my life has changed. I graduated from college, I moved to Florida, I got married and moved to California, two years later we moved to Minnesota and then 2 years after that we moved back to Indiana! Whew! That's a lot of moving! I am now 31 years old (pass the eye wrinkle cream) and I am a married woman. The 21 year old Meredith seems like a baby to me. I realize that I am not THAT old, but I have definitely grown and matured over the past decade (if you are laughing right now, I am hurt!). When I think back to my 21st year, I have so many found memories (a lot of which I cannot discuss here, but hey, I was 21!!). But I don't think I could handle being 21 again! I like where I am right now. I like that I am settled and married to an amazing man that I hope to have lots of babies with. I like that I live so close to my family and friends and we can see each other whenever we want. I like that I own my own business and have been successful with it. Life is so good and I am so blessed now, there are not many things I would change. The past 10 years have been good to me for the most part. I have learned a lot about myself and who I am and who I want to be as I grow. I have had struggles and challenges a long the way, but they have made me who I am today, I am stronger for it. The past 10 years have allowed me to move all over the country, see places I had never seen before and be challenged in ways I never expected. What a blessing!! If the past 10 years have been this good, I can only imagine how amazing the next 10 will be!!
I am so excited to start a new year and a new decade with hope in my heart and love all around me. I am excited to accomplish ALL of my goals for this year!!!! I hope all of you are ready to start an amazing year with me!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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Shannon said...

Good resolution list! I need to get more creative with meals too! Or at least start cooking again. :)

I haven't forgotten about your giveaway. I am still out of town (been gone over 2 weeks!) but once I get back home and settled we will talk about a post. :)