Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ask Me Anything (Almost Anything)!!

This has been a really crazy couple of weeks. Not only am I trying to keep up with all of my design clients, but I am also trying to launch a new business venture. The new venture is taking A LOT of my time (which I love). But I still want to keep my blog fun and entertaining!!

I love reading blogs where I learn about the person who is posting it. I like that they allow me to take a peak into their day to day lives.

So...I decided to allow all of you to ask me any question you would like. And, I will answer all of them (within reason). Do you have questions about my sewing machine, my fabrics, where I buy lighting, my new business or maybe an inquiry about my dog Oliver??? Now is your chance to ask away!!!

(I do ask that you keep it clean please!!)

I can't wait to see the questions you come up with!! Check back later this week for the answers!!


Hazel Spupspe said...

Hi Meredith!

Here's my question: If you were designing a bedroom (yours or a client's) and you were starting from scratch, what would be the first decision you would make? Wall color? Flooring/Carpeting? Bedding?


Jen Beymer Heindl said...

What is your favorite store to score inexpensive design elements?

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

What is a typical day like in the Echols' home?