Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have a confession...I am nervous! This Saturday is my FIRST real craft fair. I am actually doing a craft fair! AHH!!! I am totally prepared with all my bags and goodies and my display items. However, mentally, I am a wreck! It is a big deal for me to put myself out there in this way.

I am an interior designer, I have been for 10 years. I went to college for it, I have studied and practiced design for so long. It is what I know, it is my comfort zone. I design everyday, so what am I doing making bags, let alone selling them??? What am I doing here???

Sewing started out as a hobby, a way to pass time and a way to cut the stress I was feeling. I could sew and totally go into a zone and hours would pass and I would forget all the things that I was stressed out about. Before I knew it, I went from sewing pillows to bags. LOT'S of cute little zippered bags. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the little creations. I was fully aware that people sell things like this everyday. I search on etsy for hours sometimes looking at all the cute little pouches. I am a devoted Vera Bradley bag carrier. I know that women (and some men) carry these zipper pouches everyday.

I started thinking about selling them. It made me nervous. It made me excited at the thought of starting another small business. But could I do it? Could I maintain my interior design business and all my clients while sewing and selling my little creations? Could I really put myself out there and let people see what I was making?? Could I really do that???


And so I did. It happened very quickly. My amazing husband helped me design my website and that was that. I was making and selling zippered pouches and other objects of goodness!! (You'll see them soon enough.) Soon, I signed up to do a craft show.

I have had a great response to my bags so far, and I have sold quite a few to date. But a craft show??? That makes me really nervous. All my items out on display for people to see and touch and look closely at!! Will they like them?? Will they want to carry them?? Will people see how much I love making them??? I guess we will see on Saturday!!!

I was also really nervous to start this business. I worry that I won't be taken seriously and that my interior design business will suffer. I am still learning the right balance between the two. So far, I am doing quite well balancing my time between the two. And I see future growth for both, which is really exciting for me to watch!!

I am nervous, I can't lie. I love what I am doing right now and I believe in my product. I am still learning and growing and developing my unique style. It will change and evolve as my business grows.

I am excited for my craft show this weekend, even though I am nervous. I know it will be great fun and a success no matter what. This is completely out of my comfort zone, and so this is a huge accomplishment for me!!

I hope that if any of you have suggestions for new styles or new ideas, you will let me know!! I love feedback and constructive criticism and would appreciate any and all you have to give me!!!


Hazel Spupspe said...

I'm excited for you! I would love to have a bunch of handmade stuff in a craft fair someday. You will be fine and it will be fun. A little nervousness is a good thing - keeps you on your toes. I hope the wait for the craft fair isn't too long for you. By the end of the fair you will be tired of hearing how much people love your bags. :)

The Kop Crew said...

Good Luck!! What fair are you going to be at??

Tiffany said...

You'll do great!!!