Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dining Room Lighting

It is finally starting to look like someone lives in our house!! Whoo!!! This seems to have taken a long time to make decisions and get things done! But it is SOOOO worth it!!! We are really enjoying the "new" spaces in our home.

I wanted to show you the new light fixture we put up in the dining room. As you know, we recently made a trek to the Ballard Designs outlet in West Chester Ohio (LOVE IT). We purchased this lighting fixture with the outlet discount as well as an additional 40% off!! WOOHOO!! And we could finally replace the "thing" that was there when we moved in (see below).

It looks really beautiful at night (sorry for my daytime snapshots). And forgive me for not showing you the rest of the room, it was not quite ready for its close up yet!! It provides just the right amount of light for a fabulous dinner party!! I love the lantern style, exactly what I was looking for!!

BIG thanks to my awesome hubby!! Not only did he drive me to Ohio, shop with me and load all the purchases in the car, but he also hung the light!! THANK YOU!!!



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Tiffany said...

can't wait to see the rest!