Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it Tile or Wood??

Have you ever thought about using a tile with texture?? Sounds kind of weird right? Usually tile has a smooth finish, and that is why most people opt for tile and not hardwood floors. While shopping for a clients floor, I came across tiles that look like wood flooring. I wasn't completely convinced, so I ordered a few samples. This stuff really feels like wood! It has so much texture and variation in the surface. It is really deceiving to look at.

The tiles are Urban Timber and it is from Mission Stone and Tile. They have a great selection of other styles, but I was really impressed by this collection!!


Carolina Mama said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! We love both. Wood in the living area and tile in the kitchen. :)

Whitney said...

Love it! We are trying to decide right now what to do with your kitchen, entry, and living room. He wants tile in the kitchen, and wood throughout the rest. I want wood throughout....I might smell a compromise! :)

Stephanie Herington said...

Love it! Coming from someone who used to have wood and now has a TON of tile I love the combo. Wood just looks warmer, more inviting but tile seems to wear better and is easier to clean and cool on the feet in these hot climates. How does it compare in price?