Friday, March 12, 2010

What is Making Me Happy Today!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! I for one am so happy that the weekend is here!!! This has been a really great week and very busy to!! Which I love!!! To bad the weather is gloomy and gross today (March is not my favorite month, all the rain and storms). We had the most amazing weather this week, sunny and in the 70's! Crazy!!

I have a lot to be happy about in general! I am a really blessed gal!!! But I wanted to share a few things I am REALLY happy about today!!!

First of all, I LOVE daffodils in the spring!! They are my favorite spring flower and I usually buy bunches of them and scatter them all over my house!! While grocery shopping yesterday I spotted my yellow friends and put a bunch in the cart. Most of the bunches were closed up tight, so I only bought one bunch this week. But look at what I woke up to this morning!!! Now this will get your day started off right!!!

This has been a really busy week of preparing for a client meeting (today) and sewing new things for the shop as well as a show I am doing next weekend. I wanted to "stock up" my shelves and have a good inventory going into my first show. I created bags in sets of 3. These would be great for traveling. You can hold so much in these bags it is insane!! I love the combo creation as well. Wouldn't his make the best gift???

These are my small and mini sized zipper pouches. I don't have a lot of these in the shop, but plan to add some next week. I love how simple they are, but they are so functional. The small size can be a make up bag, a coupon holder, a purse organizer, a baby bag organizer, just about any old thing you want to do with it!!! The mini bag can hold gift cards, credit cards, change, your phone, lipsticks, so many fun uses!!!

I also made a few new items yesterday!!! I don't want to tell you just yet what they are, but they are really fun!! Both fit in your purse and both are super functional!! You will just have to check back in here and in the shop for a peak at those pretties!!! I am making more today and hopefully will share them with you next week!!!
I hope you all have a really great weekend!! I am super excited because my husband and I are off to Cincinnati on Saturday!!! We are headed to one of my FAVORITE places!!! The BALLARD DESIGNS OUTLET!!!!! Ahhh.....I cannot wait!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!

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Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

I LOVE all the bags!! They look so good!