Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WARDROBE!!!! is supposed to be like 80 degrees today!! WHAT? I feel so unprepared for this weather! I am still in "sweater and jeans season"!!! I have looked through my closet and feel that I just don't have what I need for this weather!! What is a girl to do??? Well, online shop of course!!!! HEHE!!! One of my favorite stores in Ann Taylor LOFT. LOVE IT! They usually have a great selection, plus, they have an AWESOME petite selection,which I need! I can always find something fun and fabulous at their store!

Today, I did a little online "window shopping" (we don't have one at our mall! can you believe that??) I found a few cute items that might need to make an appearance in my closet very soon!! (Just don't tell hubby!)

Where so you like to shop??? And, what items are in for this spring???

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