Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amazing Entry!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing weekend!!! I worked this weekend, but it was fun and didn't seem like work to me at all!! I guess that is a good sign??!!Any who, I found this picture and I was IN LOVE!! I LOVE everything, right down to the pink umbrella!! I love how clean and organized this little space is!! The crisp white storage boxes, the pops of bright green on rich brown.

I just can't even get words out right now! I never thought it would be possible to love an entryway, but I so do!!!! The best part is, this looks fairly easy to accomplish!! Wooden shelves, white boxes, easy!!! T he hard part, keeping it looking this way with a dog, a husband and piles of snow and mud that get tracked in my house on a daily basis!!! Oh, a girl can dream right??!!!

How do you keep your entryway/mudroom clean and organized???

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Kathysue said...

I love this image, I have an entry closet, that goodness it is behind doors, that is disgraceful. Seeing this makes me want to clean it out. I just did two post on organizing the frige and pantry, After seeing this I think I had better keep moving onto the entry closet. Kathysue