Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deep Drawers VS. Cabinets

I have a new client who wants to do a complete kitchen remodel. YIPPEE!!! I love kitchen remodels!! The current kitchen is pretty nice, decent size cabinets and a pretty good amount of workable space. However, the couple like modern/minimalistic design and the kitchen is FAR from anything modern. The kitchen is in a condo that the couple use as a weekend get-away/vacation home, so the space is somewhat small. However, because it is not the primary residence, they don't have a ton of things to store.

At our first meeting, we discussed the needs and wants as well as the function of the kitchen. They mentioned storing their dishes and pots in drawers rather than cabinets. I have used this application before for pots and large mixing bowls, but never for dishes. I know that it CAN be done and usually works just fine. I wonder though, will they get tired of bending over to pick UP dishes? Will that become bothersome over time and how will that affect the re-sale of the condo someday?

What do you think? Would dish drawers work for you and how you work in the kitchen?

Leave your comments, I am anxious to see what you think!!!


Tiffany said...

I have NEVER heard or seen dish drawer but am in LOVE with them! I think if you've got the drawer space....GET THEM!

kristin said...

Love the idea, and if the clients are young enough where bending down all the time won't be a problem, then go for it. One thing to consider: if toddlers might be present a lot in this space, dishes in drawers could be a problem - or it would be at my house. :) So maybe make sure some cabinet space is available for dishes just in case their circumstances change.

Tim @ Remodeling Guy said...

Hi! My first time to your blog! Hmmm... dishes in the base cabinets in a drawer? That sounds like it would get old to me, but mayeb it's me that's old. I just agree with the thought behind your question about bending down to pick-up dishes out of a cabinet. It seems like big stuff works great in those mega-drawers, but dishes and glasses should go in the upper cabinets. IMHO, that is.

Kim3278 said...

If I were to ever do a remodel, I would most deff go the deep drawer route. I love the pics on your examples too. Perfect.

Me said...

Do it! We redid our kitchen and I was insistent on making sure it was planned to have dishes in a deep drawer. They now sit in the drawer just under our cooktop. I love it. They are so much easier to get to than digging through a cabinet.
There is no bending over to get them. We just stick our arm in and pick them out. Piece of cake!

Allison said...

Yes! I am definitely into dish drawers after seeing them in my cousin's kitchen in New Zealand. Drawers eliminate the lost space in the back of the bottom cabinets and help you stay very organized. I loved them!