Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do You Love Coffee???

I DO!!! I LOVE coffee!! A few years ago, I lived on the stuff, 3-4 cups a day. Which is probably not the best thing, but I couldn't help myself!! As soon as I woke up I was thinking about that hot cup cradled in my little hands. Oh, it is so good!!! I admit, I have given up my 3-4 cup a day habit and usually only have 1-2. (I am so hyper already, anymore than that and I would barely blink all day!) When I am REALLY lucky, we have a bag or two of Jameson Coffee in our house. This is quite possibly the BEST coffee I have ever had!! Jameson Coffee is located in Indiana, however, they ship their goodness all over the world!! So, no excuses for not trying a bag of their fabulous coffee. (I know you are about due for another cup anyway!! Right??) Please visit their website and take a peak www.jamesoncoffee.com. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

I DO!!! I love coffee!!

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Yes, I do love coffee! My family picks on me because I drink quite a bit. Hot, cold, frozen, whatever...I love it all! :)