Wednesday, January 13, 2010

E-Design Consult

Earlier this week I had an e-mail from Tiffany. Tiffany has some "issues" as she called it, around her house that she wanted some help with. I was happy to offer her some advice and hopefully help this busy mom create a living room she loves!! Here is Tiffany's original e-mail:

Hi Meredith!

I am attaching pics of my ISSUE! I have thing ginormous wall in my living room that is about 25 feet long. It attaches a sitting area off the living room which is just off the kitchen. I have been LOST with what to do with that dang long wall. I've been collecting old frames in hopes to replicate a Blueprint Mag cover from a few years ago. I think this LONG wall may be the perfect spot for them...what do you think? I attached a pic of some of them....I'd say I have 15 or so. I planned on painting them all the same that a good idea? SHould I add an accent color since I really don't have one in the room in question? We recently got a new tv so some changes are coming with it's "home"! Can't decide on a stand or entertainment center??? As far as the curtains these were changed from the dining room so I am on a hunt to find brown fabric to add to the bottoms so the lay on the floor. The ceiling fan....we don't really use it just the light. It hangs in a spot where if something is too long heads will hit it. I'm in no hurry....except on the issue of the TV stand or take your time!!!


Tiffany sent a few pictures of her space (which was lovely by the way) and I tried to give her a few suggestions. Here was my e-mail to her:


Hi there!! Good to hear from you!!!

First off, which tv is staying?? The flat screen or the large one on the floor?? I love being able to close a cabinet and hide a tv when company comes. However, I don't have a cabinet myself, we use an old antique dresser that I took a drawer out of for the cable box. At first I was not happy about this compromise when we moved into our new house last year. We had a beautiful armoire that was WAY too big for any house we have ever lived in, so I got rid of it. Rather than spend a thousand bucks on a cabinet, I am using my husband's grandparents old dresser. It looks vintage and cool and completes the "farmhouse" feel in my home. I am not opposed to buying a great armoire however, it does cross my mind from time to time!! I will attach a few links to cabinets that I like that are reasonably priced.

As for the curtains, yes, please attach brown fabric to the bottom!! And maybe to the sides of the panels for a border. You need some more depth on that side of the room. The colors are great, you just have a lot of it. On the other side of the room where you have the leather chairs, you might want to do that same thing with the curtains. And maybe add some pillows to the chairs that have a different color rather than brown. Maybe a deep red or plum would be nice. Once you add a splash of color, you can do it other places as well and it will be easier to add color. You have great bones, you just need a little pizazz!!! I see you have a baby and I know pizazz can be hard!!! But if you do it with pillows or a throw over the sofa, it is pretty easy.

Do you all have a coffee table?? I am sure with the baby it is hard to do. Someday, I would suggest adding one. It would make the area seem a bit more cozy.

As for the picture frames...LOVE IT!!! I suggest painting them either the deep red or plum color I mentioned before. Adding that color to the wall will make the brown walls really pop. I would also find some funky 3 dimensional items to put inside some of the frames. Nothing too crazy, maybe some old vintage pieces of wood or glass. If you collect something that could be hung on the wall, this might be fun. Or maybe frame pictures of your baby and put those inside the frames (smaller frames inside big frames, might be neat!). Or just leave them empty. Mix up the sizes and shapes and get creative. Be sure to lay them out on the floor first to see what pattern you want them in. And then put post-its on the wall of where you want them to hang. Its an easy visual and easy top take down and move around and play with.

You asked about an accent wall. I am not a big fan of doing this, but in your case it would work as you have that huge wall. I would do a shade of the current color a few shades darker. If you paint the frames dark, you want those to pop, so the wall shouldn't be too dark. But it could use a bit of a contrasting shade for sure. If you let me know the color and manufacturer of the current paint, I can specify a color for you!!
Hopefully I helped Tiffany find a sense of direction with her space. She already had a great bones, I think she just needed a little assistance to get the ball rolling!!! I can't wait to see the after pictures!!!!
Tiffany, thank you and please keep in touch!!! I can't wait to see those frames!!!!
Does this look like a service you could use??? Spire Design Group now offers phone and e-mail consultations!!! Just send me an e-mail for more information!!!!

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Tiffany said...

Okay...I am on my way. Just finished adding the material to the bottom of those dreaded curtains! Thrying to figure out the antique stand for the TV and picking out a plum color to accent! Will send pics as soon as complete! Thanks girl!