Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love Organization!!!!

I LOVE organization!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! But I, just like most people, really struggle with it. My home is clean on the surface, but I have a few little cabinets that are "secret" cabinets if you will. I am sure we ALL do. (And if you don't, just lie and tell me you do so I don't feel so bad!!) I am always looking for ways to de-clutter and be more organized in all areas of my life.

I recently came across a few new blogs that I am really enjoying lately. The first is At Creative Organizing, Aby Garvey, the organizing and productivity expert at simplify 101, helps you create real and lasting change in your life by getting more organized. She offers tips as well as online tutorials and seminars to help you organize your life. Her blog offers great tips and techniques to help you make your life as clutter free as possible! Love it!!

Penelope Loves Lists is one of my favorite daily reads. She seems to love office supplies and organizational "stuff" as much as I do!!! And it doesn't hurt that her real name is Meredith!! She makes no apologies for her love of lists, and notebooks, and pretty office supplies.

Organizing other peoples "stuff" is one of my favorite things to do!!! Honestly, is that a little weird or what?? Oh well, I won't apologize for my compulsive habits and my love for the Container Store and Staples!! Its just me!!

What would you like to have better organized??? Your closet, your kitchen, your life??? Maybe I can help!!! Leave a comment with an organizational dilemma and lets see if we can tackle it together!!!

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Kathysue said...

Thank you for the tips, I will have to take a look at these other blogs, Kathysue