Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Classic Design

I love this home!! I love every little square inch of it!! And it's for sale!!!! Can you believe that?? Now, I just need to find a way to move to Rosemary Beach Florida, and it can be all mine!!! I love Rosemary Beach to!!! UGH!
Anyway, I thought this home had a lot of clever things going on. Funky lights, interesting headboards, those amazing wooden benches at the foot of all the beds. I keep looking at the pictures over and over again thinking I have missed something!
This house is subtle and understated with lots of fun touches. A great example of good classic design!! Yeah!! Now, who wants to buy this house for me??? Anybody?? Hello???

1 comment:

PenelopeLovesLists said...

Awww, I would if I could! I love the clean lines of this house.