Monday, January 25, 2010

Fresh and Crisp

This family room is so crisp and fresh! I love the color combination of orange, brown and light teal. As I type those colors, it seems a bit odd that they would work together so well!! But they do!!! The white accents really make the room pop and the zebra print rug adds a little element of whimsy!!

I find myself drawn to orange lately. Well, its not really just lately, I did blog about this once before here. Maybe I have found my "signature color" if you will!! Sadly, I don't have one ounce of orange in my home! Maybe I should try and incorporate that somewhere??? Hmmmm....I smell a new project!!!

Do you have a "signature color" that you like to wear or decorate with???


Kathysue said...

I love green I wear it a lot and I also decorate with it in my home. I did a color post a few days ago on my new blog, it has a short quiz to take to see what color personality you have. I wonder if you would be orange. I was green, no surprise there, Kathysue

Shannon said...

I wear a lot of white, black and brown. Really just solid colors...very exciting! haha

I decorate with a lot of white, black and brown furniture but like to accent with different colors. I'm mostly drawn to golden yellows and greens. :)