Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etsy Finds

Do any of you shop on etsy?? Etsy is a new obsession of mine. Not only do I love to look for fun vintage finds (like my pics below) but I love looking at all the handmade items (especially now that I am sewing). I find myself on etsy probably a little to often during the course of the day. But how could you not get lost in the search for treasures??!! I found all the items below in this shop Old Crow Farm. They turn everyday junk into "treasures". I love funky vintage finds like these. It is fun to mix in a few cool vintage pieces with your "everyday" items. My house is full of little odds and ends like these.

What do you think about etsy?? What are your favorite shops and what do you like to search for???


Kara said...

I love etsy, too! I did most of my Christmas shopping there this year. My favorite purchase was a gift for myself...haha :) I bought a new hanging lamp shade for my dining room from dotandline - LOVE it!!!!

Shannon said...

I love etsy too! I could spend hours on there. I need to update my sidebar with mire of my favorites. :) That shop you listed looks really neat!

Emily said...

I love the local antique store...could look through old postcards for hours. I just put a display of Valentine's ones out today! I also like transferware all colors, but am most interested in brown and white right now. I'll have to check out Etsy.